ALPHEUS is a distilled pure drinking water. It contains No Sodium and No Preservatives, suitable drink for all ages because it is light and refreshing. Every drop of ALPHEUS water is pure and that is why our water is now a familiar name in the commercial and consumer markets.

Distillation of our water can be illustrated with the concept of water cycle, the process that moves water around the earth. In nature, the sun evaporates water into the air. It rises and captured by clouds. With the colder temperatures of the clouds, the evaporated water is condensed back into water and it falls back onto the earth as pure rain water.

The quality of distilled water is not related to the quality of the source water.

Benefits of Distilled Pure Drinking Water
- The most effective water treatment method that remove contaminants and minerals
- Consistently produces the highest quality drinking water that no other process can honestly maintain
- It is universally accepted as the standard for drinking pure water
- It is recommended by medical professionals
- No sodium or chemicals added in the purification process
- Fulfill your daily body needs