Drinking enough water is essential to pink of health, as well as pure, clean, and fresh water. It is widely known that dehydration will result to ill health. Your doctors and health experts recommend to drink 10 glasses of water a day.

What encourage dehydration
- High Sodium foods (salty)
- Caffeine tea/coffee
- Caffeine sodas
- Chocolates
- Alcohol

Benefits of water to your body

Regulate body temperature
Water acts as insulation for your body - cooling you when your body temperature increases and retaining heat when your body gets too cold. Perspiration also helps cool the skin and expel waste products.
Process nutrients
Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in your body. Water also removes waste from your cells.
Healthy skin
Water helps to moisture your skin and protects it from heat and dryness.
Cleanses your body system
Water assists your kidneys and liver to expel toxins from the body.